Our Story

Urban Loft is the brainchild of visionary business person and family man Kean Kim Leang. 

While raising his two daughters with his wife in rapidly urbanising Phnom Penh, he saw a need to create contemporary apartments that would work for busy households, just like his own.

Leang came up with an innovative idea. To re-imagine the popular Cambodian shop-house on a wider footprint, then stack them apartment style – blending traditional living with the conveniences of modern design and first-class amenities.

The father-of-two – aware of the pressures of the today’s quick-paced technological age – also saw the necessity to construct more than just a standard building development. “I don’t just build boxes,” he says. 

Instead, with the help of experienced partners, he made plans to establish a close-knit community where young families and couples could make memories that would last a lifetime.

“When I grew up and lived in a small alley right behind Monivong, people sat outside and talked to their neighbours,” the developer says, emphasising that the close friendships he forged as a child are still strong today. 

Now his dream, Urban Loft, is due for completion in the fourth quarter of 2018. And at its centre are the needs of real families. 

Apartments are affordable and spacious. Extensive facilities and communal spaces mean that you can easily enjoy precious time together. 

“We worked really hard to study what people actually need,” Leang says, explaining the importance of making quality buildings with timeless, liveable design. 

“We are in the business of building homes for people, not just building blocks. This is a huge responsibility for developers. As a father, a husband, a son, a friend, I understand what it means to invest in a home.”

Our Values

Our modern ‘village’ puts residents at its heart. Alongside investing in high-quality building materials, fixtures and finishes, we have strong management in place to ensure that your home will stay safe, secure and in great condition for the years to come.

We actively encourage our residents to embrace the Urban Loft community by engaging with friends and neighbours. We want to create a welcoming environment for us all to call home.  

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we would love to meet you and explain more about our project.

Our Team

Urban Loft would be nothing without the team of dedicated experts who support our passion for creating people-centric developments. 
Meet some of the key faces behind the project.